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Renewal of driving licenses from the center instantly.
Formalities and free photography

Medical certificates for:

  • Driving: complete management to renew the license. 
  • Weapons
  • Private security.
  • Management pleasure craft. 
  • Potentially dangerous animals. 
  • Official Medical Certificates: ordinary, underwater fishing license, schools or day care centers, food handlers,…

We also have consultation Psychology, such a school and clinical level, offering assessment and treatment from a cognitive-behavioral perspective.




Welcome us to our website and our Medical Center. We will be happy to meet you and offer our services of Certified Medical Officers Act, services with the quality of offering a personalized treatment in each of our clients. In addition, we have got clinical and school psychology.
We wait you!

We are a multi-office, where we have qualified in the areas of psychology, medicine, law, and economics consulting professionals.

Our Recognition Medical Center is registered in the Ministry of Health of the Government of Andalusia as health center with the NICA 7,242. Likewise, it is approved by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) with the MA-0112 license. We are in the center of Marbella, Avenida Ricardo Soriano, 1, next to Alameda Park and Marbella Cafe. We have over twenty-five years of experience serving customers.

• The provision of Recognition Center service is intended to verify the mental and physical fitness of drivers, to drive for weapons, dangerous animals, pleasure boats ... we will carry out the tests and examinations necessary to verify that those interested in obtaining or extending the validity of the permit meets the psychophysical skills and who are not affected by any of the diseases or deficiencies that may pose inability to drive or the need for adaptations, restrictions or other limitations, in accordance with current regulations. A report with the results will be delivered.

• The Centre has the following professionals:

- Assistant Principal: Ms. Luzdivina Garcia Morales de los Rios, medical, collegial with. 
  Number 29/28/61903 at the College of Physicians of Malaga. 
- Director: D. Fº Jesus Lorenzo Segovia, clinical psychologist, whose membership number 
  is AO-01226, who is also head of the Center.

• Local Center Driver Recognition has the following units :

- Waiting room. 
- Recognition room / office for the doctor. 
- Ophthalmological examination room. 
- Recognition room / office for the psychologist,.
- Wardrobe. 
- Two Cleaning Services.

• For furniture and equipment to perform the relevant examinations, the Center has everything you need to assess the skills covered in the regulations.

  1. For eye examination.
  2. For general medical examination.
  3. For psychological exploration.

It also has the necessary computer equipment that allows data processing and the possibility of electronic connection with the relevant services to manage on their behalf before the Provincial Traffic Department when requested by the applicant, the extension of the validity permits or driving licenses.







From our Medical Center Recognition "LORENZO" perform multiple psycotechnic certificates. It is important to note that these certificates have a maximum duration of three months before submission to the appropriate agency.

Psychotechnic Certificate to drive: 
If you have to renew the driving license you, may renew using real - time data transmission from our center, without having to go to the General Directorate of Traffic in Malaga and without extra cost. 
The photography and the first processing are free. We deliver an instant temporary authorization of the DGT to drive while you get the new driving license at home. This temporary authorization is also valid for three months. 
The documentation presented is your driver's license and ID or similar. Remember also to carry everything you need for your psychophysical assessment (glasses or contact lenses, hearing aids, medical reports ...) relevant to adaptations or modifications to your driving license.
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Psychotechnic Certificate for gun permits and Private Security:
In our center you can obtain or renew a medical certificate for Weapons permission and Private Security. You have to bring your valid identity card, his gun permit and a recent passport photograph. Remember also bring everything you need for your psychophysical assessment (glasses or contact lenses, medical reports,) relevant to adaptations or modifications to your weapons permit or private security.

Medical fitness certificate for driving pleasure craft
Our Center performs Physicians for obtaining and renewing titles of the merchant marine certified.
It is required DNI in force and a recent passport photograph. Also, remember to bring everything you need for your psychophysical assessment (glasses or contact lenses, medical reports ...) that relates to adjustments or modifications to your certificate to operate pleasure craft.
(read more 1, 2)

Medical fitness certificate for obtaining and renewal of Potentially Dangerous Animals:
Our Center performs Physicians for the holding of Potentially Dangerous Animals certified   
It is required DNI in force and a recent passport photograph. Also, remember to bring everything you need for your psychophysical assessment (glasses or contact lenses, medical reports ...) that relates to adjustments or modifications to your certificate to operate potentially dangerous animals.
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Medical fitness certificate for Mobile Crane and Tower Crane licenses:
Our Center conducts medical certificates for the Mobile Crane and Tower Crane licenses. 
It is required DNI in force and a recent passport photograph. Also, remember to bring everything you need for your psychophysical assessment (glasses or contact lenses, medical reports, ...) that relates to adjustments or modifications to your certificate to operate cranes.
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Other Certificates:
Besides the above Psicotechnies, our Center conducts numerous types of certificates, including the most required:

  • Ordinary Medical certificates for the development of a regular work activity.
  • Ordinary Medical Certificate for Residence Permit (it has to be accompanied by clinical analysis).
  • Diving and Spearfishing license (it must be accompanied by report the dentist and ENT).


The psychologist of the Center, who is the head line, has the title of Clinical Psychologist and works as such and therefore he performs the functions of a healthcare unit of Clinical Psychology, in the heart of the city and over twenty five years experience. Fº Jesus Lorenzo Segovia studied at the University of Granada. His work is varied and complementary, as well as being Director and Psychologist of the Center for Medical Recognition "Lorenzo", serves as Counselor School in several schools, and as a clinical psychologist who is serving in his office in the areas of childhood, teen agers and adults; with psychological treatments and activities in individual intervention techniques following the cognitive-behavioral approach in the Cabinet. He helps people of all ages, from three years to adulthood, with difficulties in the following areas:

  • Early stimulation, difficulties school, learning recovery ....
  • Help and study techniques.
  • Enuresis, encopresis, anorexy, bulimia, ...
  • Vocational orientation.
  • Behavioral, individual and social problems.
  • Couple therapy.
  • Anxiety disorders, depression and anger.
  • Clinical and Psycopedagogical reports.
  • Selection of staff for companies.

LINKS : It is the official website of the Directorate General of Traffic. In it, in addition to make an appointment, you can find information about what the traffic, the points you have, your car, fines and necessary formalities ... It also has a section of electronic processing. Our office is multidisciplinary, with lawyers, fiscal and labor advisors. On this website you can find information. Dr. Center is a specialist in asthma and childhood respiratory disease. You will find interesting information.



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